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Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Virginity and love

When a young man or older have not get a pair, are often considered incapable of the problem might or weak in ability as a man. But actually, the problem is how a woman like a man in all circumstances. This has become the focus of the conversation or information that could be a positive input, for both men and possibly also for provision for women.
how women like a man You as a man does not have to worry about your circumstances. Even if maybe you have a disability in sex (weak syawat) but all does not matter if you do a few things below: 

1. Any woman in this world is normal, they are more pleased than precede preceded. In a sense they pleased if men approach them to get acquainted or dating denagan more serious for them. In the study women were more pleased when he emerged from the front or facing the woman's face. They thought he was polite, gentle, and not mean-spirited. So do not ever show up or seduce a woman from behind let alone who had never known. 

2. she was generally pleased with the laughter and jokes. Often with jokes and laughter, when talking with them. Discussion should be a mild course and fishing his favorite, so it can connect their attention constantly.

3. Do not ever hurt her with mengingkar promise, especially in her favorite things or sensitive. 

4. the woman would be respected regardless of its form. So do not hesitate to reward a genuine and sincere. For example, "thanks for accompanying me", "you look beautiful with this dress," "I'm always happy to talk with you", "your smile always makes me calm", and others. 

5. if it's time, let it be known your feelings of love to the woman in a quiet and romantic. Pick a place favored by women, for example on the beach, mountains, other romantic places in the house including the woman.
know the woman's virginity Now the era of sophisticated, so the problem of virginity might not be things that need anymore. But for some people it is still necessary because it deals with moral and religious woman. 

To note from a woman, whether virgin or not as follows: 

a. generally virginity woman can be seen from his face. A truly virgin visible light from the forehead and cheeks. Then further in the neck still looks smooth and tight, no holes or wrinkles that much. Unless due to illness, the woman who was a virgin look smooth (except for acne does not matter) part of his face. 

b. Try to shake his hand and see the wrist, if it is still fine and no punch, in general, surely she was a virgin. 

c. The legs also can you notice, but do not be suspicious, just to see if any veins that arise at the calf below the knee, except because of illness, the possibility was not a virgin. 

d. in the science of the soul, you can also know the woman was a virgin or not with fishing stories ago. if you just take him to the past with the way you talk, then you will get what is a virgin or not. Pancinglah the woman told me about the joys and sorrows of time courting the past or look at the body gesture / expression on his face at the time telling stories. Usually when he avoided connecting one or a sad story and the trauma of the story lest it .... is not a virgin ...
sex for women and men This is the most important issue. Be careful with sex problems. If not time, do not do this, because it will be addictive and can make future is not bright. So his advice is do it after marriage. But marry a proper age to get a healthy and happy sex.

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